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We are a newly found non-profit foundation organization within Bungoma County one on one in the rural remote areas capacity building, development and IT support projects under our funding and supervision. This foundation was found in the year 2008 right after the post election violence in Kenya. We been identifying and working on several projects in rural and currently we are funding them to be implemented. It has always been always been our pleasure to ensure that we closely network with others across the world. We do extend our sincere invitation to as many as development partners,networks,education institutions,volunteers,well wishers,sponsors,donors,private sectors,researchers,students,colleges/universities, organizations among others. We solemnly at the moment depend on sustainable kitchen gardening that’s why we need your input to enable us reach the un reached, marginalized in the rural of Bungoma county. Bungoma County is located in the Western part of Kenya. It is accustomed to customs, culture and traditions thus leading to poverty, illiteracy and gender disparity. Girls are despised and not given equal chance to compete freely in the world of development, Information and Technology support.

As a community leader who cares so much for our poor farmers in villages in Western Kenya, I wish to invite our dear international community to donate to us money totaling US D.40,000 towards establishing a village fertilizer and seeds/farm inputs store..

Our Programs

Environmental management/mobilization i.e tree nurseries,natural forests/parks. To fight illiteracy/Health care in order to build benevolent society. Micro finance enterprises support and revolving fund. Clean and safe water,water harvesting/treatment,irrigation and building water storages. Training community groups and capacity building. Carrier development vocational training,youth resource centers,multicultural programs. Projects sustainability. Networking with NGOs,CBO and self help groups. Food security through best farming and soil practice. Promoting African values in dialogue,peace,justice,conflict/disaster management,emergency relief and support.


Description A typical farmer in western Kenya farms multiple crops throughout the year and keeps ruminants like sheep, cattle, and goats. Therefore they depend on a variety of inputs and services across different seasons to support their farming activities. These farmers are to be empowered through proposed activities to become prosperous and happy. Most farmer household in Kenya are deprived off regular income


Many farmers have land but with little or no source of income, they are unable to purchase inputs like fertilizers, certified seeds, hoes, technology, services and information. By contributing, you will be giving us a life time gift and averting hunger and poverty in the region. Any donations will be tax exempted and donors will be personally and severally be featured and recognized in our future public events unless requested not to. Through providing last mile Agricultural solutions we intent to give small holder farmers an opportunity they do not have in order for them to succeed in their farming enterprises.